Terms & Conditions


Our conditions apply to all agreements entered into with Herbou Group. In addition, our conditions always apply to price lists, offers, quotations, as well as to all agreements that are concluded with you and to all (legal) acts in implementation thereof. The applicability of any general or specific conditions or stipulations is expressly rejected by Herbou Group.


At Herbou Group you always pay in advance, unless otherwise agreed.


Herbou Group ships your order within 72 hours after your payment has reached us. Herbou Group guarantees the delivery of the goods you order from us. If we unexpectedly cannot deliver an item ordered by you, the amount already paid will be refunded immediately.


All products supplied by Herbou Group remain the property of Herbou Group until full payment is received by Herbou Group. An offer or quotation is not binding for Herbou Group. An agreement with Herbou Group is only concluded if your order is accepted by Herbou Group or if Herbou Group executes your order and sends you the ordered products.


All prices are in Euro including 21% VAT and shipping costs. All prices used by Herbou Group are in principle fixed prices, based on the circumstances applicable to Herbou Group at the time of entering into the agreement. Nevertheless, it may happen that some price determining factors such as exchange rates or purchase prices change so that Herbou Group has to adjust in accordance with its prices.


Herbou Group delivers the products to the specified or agreed address. Herbou Group strives to deliver all ordered products before or on the agreed dates. However, if this does not work despite all the efforts made by Herbou Group, we will set a new delivery date in consultation with you as soon as possible. If Herbou Group is unable to deliver within two weeks of the order date, you are entitled to the agreement, without judicial intervention, by means of to dissolve a single written message. If the delivery term is exceeded by Herbou Group, you are not entitled to compensation. Herbou Group has the right at all times to deliver orders in parts and / or withhold parts until the shipment is complete. When shipping in parts, all shipping costs for backordered products are for the account of Herbou Group. All orders placed with Herbou Group are verified. This is to minimize so-called false orders. Should Herbou Group nevertheless catch you deliberately placing false orders, Herbou Group (therefore without judicial intervention) reserves the right to recover all damage and incurred costs from the client of the order in question. All your personal data provided to us will be treated confidentially by Herbou Group and not provided to third parties.


The products ordered by you are entirely at your expense and risk from the moment they have agreed on it
delivery address have been delivered. Orders above € 50.00 sent by Herbou Group are insured by Herbou Group. For returns to Herbou Group, you must pack the products properly and frank them sufficiently. All damage to the product incurred during transport due to poor packaging is for the account of the sender and gives Herbou Group the right (without judicial intervention) to recover all damages and costs to the disadvantage, if any, of Herbou Group from the sender. Insufficiently stamped (return) shipments to Herbou Group will be returned to you without any postage prepaid.


Changes to the agreement, the general terms and conditions and the product specifications can only be agreed in writing. When a change as referred to in the previous paragraph is agreed, this change only applies to the relevant agreement. unless expressly stated otherwise. The foregoing does not affect the right of Herbou Group to make changes and additions to product specifications at any time. Even if such changes and additions to any provision of an agreement would entail this.


A warranty period of 3 months applies to all products supplied by Herbou Group. If the warranty period of the manufacturer of the product is longer than the warranty period offered by Herbou Group, the warranty period offered by the manufacturer will be maintained. In the unlikely event that a product eligible for warranty is no longer available
, Herbou Group reserve the right to replace this product with an equivalent product. Refund of the purchase price of the product will only be made if exchange for an equivalent product is not possible, or at the request of the customer if the delivery time of the replacement article exceeds two weeks. Any price differences arising from the said exchange guarantee are mutually reimbursed in consultation with the Herbou Group. In the event that the price difference is greater than Euro 25, to the detriment of the buyer, Herbou Group will, if desired, after consultation and return receipt of the product, pay the buyer the full purchase price minus shipping costs. Products eligible for warranty must always be offered with sufficient postage in the original packaging, complete with all cabling, software and other accessories. Incomplete and insufficiently stamped products eligible for warranty will not be processed by Herbou Group and returned unstamped. Herbou Group reserves the right (without judicial intervention) to charge Euro 10 administration costs to be paid by the sender.

By placing an order with Herbou Group, you agree to the terms and conditions and shipping information, as described on the Herbou Group website.


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